• Introducing a New Kind of Web

    Websites that work ... for you! Your website can do much more than present information.
    It can manage it with the ultimate goal of delivering the perfect creative web experience.

  • Print design made powerful

    Place your ideas in the hands of your audience.

  • Branding Beyond the Basics

    Make your mark by branding your message.

  • Sound surrounds us

    From marketing, to movies, from games to business jingles, music is a part of our business and entertainment.

  • Put Your Message in Motion.

    Use video at your establishment to promote your products and services.

About us

Look for the Hook

Founded in 2009, mixedmultimedia® is now Belgians leading "full mixed multimedia" service agency. Every day, we meet the digital needs of the most demanding companies, small or large or individuals.
Our professional and enthusiastic team of Internet, Graphics, Audio & Video specialists is tailored to assist your company, whatever its needs in terms of e-marketing, web development or company presentation. Browse through our site, discover the peace of mind that "full mixed multimedia" service support brings, let our references convince you and contact us for a free analysis of your needs.

More than just websites

We love creating websites, but blending eye-catching beauty with functional design has been my real passion since mixedmultimedia® began. We know that a great design can't simply present the message. It has to complement the medium and catch your audience's attention. It has to have a hook.
Whether you need illustrations for your game or book, a new corporate image for your business, or a website with a content management system, mixedmultimedia® will make it look beautiful. Find out more about our websites, print designs, branding services, and illustrations.

Audio and Video

Creativity often flows in more than one vein and mixedmultimedia® is no exception. Creating soundscapes through original compositions brings your games and advertisements to life. mixedmultimedia® creates music with both real and sampled instruments for a range of styles and budgets. Find out more about mixedmultimedia®’s audio services.

Video screens are everywhere. Working with raw footage and animation, mixedmultimedia® brings movement to your message by bringing your message to the screen. Find out more about mixedmultimedia®’s video services.


Web Services

Get Connected - Stay Connected

People are more connected today than ever before. If you have a business, a product, a service, or a message, it needs to be accessible and social, twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week, and that's exactly what a website designed by mixedmultimedia® will do for you.

Websites that work for you

mixedmultimedia® creates both static and dynamic websites. Static websites make your information accessible in a clear and constant manner while dynamic website can run an on-line store; collect, manage, and analyse company data; interconnect with social media; or simply display your latest blog.

Designed with purpose

The best information could be lost in poor design; that's why design is such a priority at mixedmultimedia®. Artistic flare catches your reader's interest, while well-designed layouts and navigations ensure your readers find what they're looking for. mixedmultimedia® creates well-designed websites to keep you and your audience hooked.

Websites that work for today's market

Your website should be a hard working partner, able to represent your organization to the general public at their convenience.

  • Websites bring your product or information to your audience 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year -- try doing that with a traditional office or store
  • Websites can be used to collect information, to analyse data, and to process orders -- and they never ask for a coffee break
  • Websites are the first place that the growing twenty-something demographic turns for information. All other demographics, especially the retired community, are turning to the web in increasing numbers. If your organization doesn't have a website, they'll find out about your competition
  • Small businesses have big impact. Since people can find your on-line store from anywhere in the world, your business can move into the global market
  • Well-designed websites help your organization gain trust with the public by making your information transparently clear
  • Whether working with an existing website, or creating from scratch, mixedmultimedia® can create a website that works for you.

Contact mixedmultimedia® today to find out more or to request web design services.

Most traditional websites would be classified as static websites. The content is coded in HTML, is uploaded to a server, and is displayed the same way for every viewer. Any changes must be made to the original code and uploaded to the server before the new content is available on the internet.

  • Affordable Website Package

    Perfect for businesses who require a professional and affordable website solution.

  • 950/startup
  • 4 Page Website Design & Construction
  • Images & Graphics Included
  • 1 Year Free Basic Website Hosting
  • 1 Year Free Domain Name
  • 5 Email Accounts
  • Basic Website SEO
  • Responsive Website
  • CMS Website Package

    Perfect for companies who require a professional website + the ability to add/edit their websites pages.

  • 1900/ startup
  • 7 Page Website Design & Construction
  • Ability To Add & Edit Pages Through A Personal Login Area
  • 1 Year Free Advanced Website Hosting
  • 1 Year Free Domain Name
  • 25 Email Accounts
  • Basic Website SEO
  • 25 Email Accounts
  • Training for Using the Website
  • E-Commerce Website Package

    Perfect for companies who require an online shop or the ability to accept payments online.

  • 3800/startup
  • 7 Page Website Design & Construction
  • ∞ Additional Pages
  • ∞ Product listing
  • Professional E-Commerce back-office system
  • Ability To Add & Edit Pages/products Through A Personal Login Area
  • Ability To Accept Online Payments
  • 1 Year Free Ultimate Website Hosting
  • 1 Year Free Domain Name
  • ∞ Email Accounts
  • Training for Using the Website

A responsive website is designed and coded in such a way that it is able to adapt to different screen sizes and devices which makes them look great on desktop computers and mobile devices too. All of the website design packages include a responsive design so that you can be confident that your website will look good no matter what computer or device your customers are using. A few reasons to consider mixedmultimedia® would be that you will receive a truly responsive website based on a bespoke design that is coded using valid HTML5 code. You will also receive a website that is coded with both humans and search engines in mind so that you have an engaging website for your visitors and a highly indexable site from the perspective of Google, Bing, Yahoo, Ask,AOL, Blekko, Wolframalpha, DuckDuckGo, WayBackMachine & ChaCha search engines.

Branding Services

Branding Better

Branding should effectively represent your organization, product, or service, and clearly convey the right message. People connect with your brand because they believe in the message of excellence, quality, and beauty that it represents. mixedmultimedia® creates custom logos, original symbols, and word-marks for your branding. Since they are original, they can be protected by law. And since they represent your brand, they should be protected. Symbols quickly communicate your message through an image. Word-marks focus on the name of your brand and make it memorable and distinct, while still communicating your message through its design. Once your brand has a professional logo, it's time to connect it with people through websites, print designs, and videos. mixedmultimedia® can help your branding through many print designs including: Business Cards, Flyers, Letterheads, Newspaper Ads, Magazine Ads, Media Kits, Posters, Banners, Brochures & Pamphlets.
mixedmultimedia® will work with you to create branding that works for you.

Your brand, Your Image

Your company, product, event, or city has a message and a mission that can be represented by a well-designed logo. Whether you are just starting and need a new image, or need to improve the image your brand already has, mixedmultimedia® can create original logos to represent your brand.

Leggo my Logo

Your whole company or product can be represented in a single logo, so you need a logo that is only yours. With a registered trade mark, your logo becomes protected for your exclusive use. mixedmultimedia® creates original logos that you can register to protect your brand.

The branded world

Brand loyalty and personal identity blend in a world that boasts logos on t-shirts, hats, and car bumper stickers. Creative thinking can put your logo into the everyday view of your audience by branding auxiliary items your audience already enjoys. mixedmultimedia® can help your brand get noticed and remembered.

Branding Basics

In it's most basic sense, a brand is a mark with a message. The message can indicate how great a city is to live in, how technically advanced a product is, or how fun a car is. By participating in your brand, people share in its message. That's why people will buy a t-shirt that advertises someone else's company. Free advertising? Sure, but to some extent, the person makes your brand's message a part of his or her personal anthem.

Branding Bloopers

Branding involves the complete message. If you have a bad product, work on your product. If you have a good product, work on spreading the message. Unfortunately, even great products or services can be overlooked if they are poorly branded. The product or service may be the work of professionals, but if the design of the logo, colours, and font choice look like the work of non-professionals, then the first message people will understand is that your brand is unprofessional.

Contact mixedmultimedia® today to find out more.

Branding Services Portfolio


Audio Services

Sound moves the message, from Marketing to Movies

Some say that video killed the radio star, but music never died. It found a new media where it would shine under a new light. Audio design has become essential for creating captivating radio ads and for making video communication more entertaining and meaningful. mixedmultimedia® creates original music that will help bring your project to life. Proper audio design creates a complementing soundscape for your video, which will help your viewer enter into the world of your video.

Voice-overs & Business Jingles

Simple, memorable, and musical hooks have been catching our attention since we tuned into mass media. Musical branding will unify your audio image so that your audience will connect with your brand and pay attention to the product or service you are currently marketing.
Contact mixedmultimedia® today to find out more.

Sound Design

Creativity often flows in more than one vein. mixedmultimedia® is no exception. Design skills transfer between both art forms and create well-balanced and motific compositions. mixedmultimedia® is a design company, of many art forms.

Surround Sound

Music surrounds us in radio jingles, video game soundtracks, and movie soundtracks. It evokes emotion and brings excitement to your message. mixedmultimedia® creates music and voice-overs for use in soundtracks that can be used in games, advertisements, or short movies.


Original compositions are created using both sampled instruments and real instruments, which provide a range of styles for a smaller budget. Most compositions are instrumental, but original song writing is a possibility, just ask. mixedmultimedia® creates original music for your soundtrack

Voice-overs & Business Jingles

mixedmultimedia® Voice actors are talented professionals that can take your scripts and turn them into beautiful voice overs; however, even the best voice actors aren't mind readers. Voice actors need direction, and not just any direction; they need the right kind of direction that will enable them to take your project and produce a high quality voice over that you'll love. mixedmultimedia® Voice actors covers more than 70 languages, that can be used for over 30 different purposes. Please listen to some examples and demo's of the mixedmultimedia® Voice actors in action.

Audio meets video; simply better together

mixedmultimedia® can create original music in tandem with your video projects. Creating a custom soundscape that works with your video is essential for bringing the full media to life. mixedmultimedia® can also create your audio/video project from beginning to end. Thematic music can also be created for your pre-existing movie or video game to help bring your creation to life. While mixedmultimedia® is not a large Hollywood music studio, we can talk to see if mixedmultimedia® is the right fit for your project.
mixedmultimedia® will work with you to create a audio/video production that works for you.

Sound & Video demo's

Video Services

Equipment? check! Video? Once you have the equipment, you still need the videos.

mixedmultimedia® creates video animations that can be used with digital signage, on the web, for events and presentations, and for disk or broadcast. Working with your goals, mixedmultimedia® creatively produces sleek and powerful video animations using 3D animation software, stock and original video footage, and of course, After Effects®, Sony Vegas Studio®, Flash® and HTML5 options are also available for use on the web.

Even though mixedmultimedia® is not a movie studio, if you have a full-length movie and you want it to look like something out of Hollywood, mixedmultimedia® can create the title, menu, and provide some post-production effects. Contact mixedmultimedia® today to bring motion to your message.

Leave Hollywood to Hollywood

To be clear from the get go,  mixedmultimedia® is not a Hollywood-style movie studio.  mixedmultimedia® creates videos primarily for advertisements, events, and promotionals. If you have produced a full-length movie and want it to look like something from Hollywood, mixedmultimedia® can create the title, menu, and provide some post-production effects.

Video for vendors

You've seen them before, but have you considered how easily you could have custom-animated commercials playing in your retail store or establishment? With the decreased cost of LCD screens and computers, this form of advertising is more possible than ever. All you need are the ads, and that's where mixedmultimedia® is ready to help.

Eye Candy

Video quickly catches the attention of our highly video-oriented society. mixedmultimedia™ works with raw footage and original animations to produce elegant and catchy videos for your advertisement's, events, and promotionals.

The Right Fit

Flat screens have opened up new real estate for video. Basically, if there's a little airflow and some means to mount a screen, you're good to go. A space that was used for a poster, for a painting, for communicating hours, or for advertising a product or service, can now be converted into an active and vibrant space with a dexterous video screen.

The Right Price

Do you remember the first time you saw a flat screen? They were cool, but pricey. Since then, costs have steadily decreased. LCDs especially have become so inexpensive that purchasing one wont hurt the budget. Match that with an old computer you already have in your office and you're ready. The perfect video screen solution now comes on a low budget.

The Right Medium

Our culture has already turned to video screens for entertainment and for information. A video screen in your retail store or establishment will inform your clients about products, services, and other announcements, but it will also ease the tension of waiting in line at the cash register by entertaining them while they wait, all in a medium they are ready to digest. Larger projects with multiple screens over multiple sites require different software and hardware solutions. There are a variety of signage solutions that will work well with any scale of digital signage projects. Contact mixedmultimedia® today to discuss what equipment will work best with your project.

Sound & Video demo's

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